Committee Volunteers

It takes a lot of volunteers to get scholarships out there.  If you are a member of SPWP and would like to be a part of the Scholarship Committee, there are many opportunities to volunteer.  Take a look at the different positions and email to let us know what you would like to do!

Low Involvement: 

Greeter: Greeters are needed for interview day to chat with applicants while they wait to be interviewed. Interview day is typically 8-10 hours so we need enough volunteers to be able to cover the entire day. Greeters usually stay for a 3 hour shift. 

Reference Checker: Reference checkers will contact the personal references (teachers, coaches, etc.) of the finalists and have a short conversation or email to talk about the applicant. Then they would email the highlights of those conversations to the committee for consideration. We don't know the exact number of references to be called (each applicant provides 3 references and we typically have 14-17 final applicants), but people who volunteer will probably be asked to call / email references for 2 or 3 girls (around 6-9 references total). 

More Involvement: 

Reviewer: Applications reviewers will grade applications and essays, but they do not have to be available for interview day. It is roughly a 15-20 hour time commitment over a 2 month period. 

Most Involvement: 

Interviewer: Grade applications and essays as well as be available for the entire day on May 9th to interview finalists and divvy up money. A 30 hour time commitment (15-20 for reviews over a 2 month period and 10 on interview day). This where we need a minimum of 5 volunteers.